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Flutter has been the passion of app developers all around the world since its inception in December 2018. India isn't an outlier in this regard. Customers may now get Flutter mobile apps from a slew of companies that have sprung up in recent years.

Nivida Web Solutions being the leading

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has a wealth of experience with Google's new technology. Our team of flutter app developers uses Flutter to create amazing mobile apps for iOS and Android, based on their comprehensive study and years of experience. What is it about open-source technology that is so thrilling or wonderful?

Simply said, with the support of Flutter technology, mobile apps can be delivered to clients at lightning speed, with performance that soars to new heights. In technical words, Flutter is a Google UI toolkit that allows you to create attractive, natively built apps for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. The triangle of complicated UI may be used to create any complex UI and animation in a flutter.

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Why is Flutter development beneficial for your business?

Flutter is an open-source software development kit that lets you make native apps that run on different platforms but use the same code. It has everything you need to make a native mobile app that works across all platforms. It has command-line tools, a rendering engine, widgets that are always available, and testing and API integration. So, using Flutter to develop your new business app will indeed save a lot of your time because most of these parts are already out there.

You might think that all cross-platform apps can do some things and has some features that are important to the job, and you'd be right. But! In some important ways, Flutter is different from its competitors. Check out what Flutter can do and why it has become a popular platform for developing exceptional mobile apps.

Faster Development

Flutter being a cross-platform mobile app solution, it can be used on both Android and iOS. This saves a lot of app development time.

Same logic and UI for different platforms

While other framework needs different logic and UI for different platforms, Flutter allows you to reuse the same logic and Ul across several platforms. It works with a canvas directly and doesn't require any platform-specific Ul components.

Fuchsia OS Support

Google is developing Fuchsia, a new operating system. Right now, there is only a smattering of information on what this system could be, but there are rumours that Android will eventually be replaced by Fuchsia. Flutter is a Fuchsia-specific framework. You'll be ready to ship an app on Fuchsia from day one if you create it in Flutter. This can help your software gain traction among early adopters.


Low development and maintenance costs

For startups, developing a native software might be expensive due to the fact that developers must create different codes for multiple operating systems.

When it comes to cross-platform apps, you may leverage a single code base to design applications that work smoothly across multiple platforms. As a result, it effectively lowers app maintenance costs.

Wide variety of plug-ins

Developers have access to a huge number of plugins that make creating a cross-platform programme easier. This simplifies and streamlines the entire mobile app development process.

Code is reusable

Programmers can rewrite the application code in a variety of programming languages to fit each platform. The result is a mobile app development approach that is both time and cost effective.

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