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1 in 5 Small Businesses Get Hacked

Due to inadequate technical knowledge and expertise, things highly impact small business owners to stay focused on cyber threats to avoid them. Whether their website gets hacked or content, it’s just more like a big loss that should have been prevented with necessary precautions in place.

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Global cyber threats are rising. Thus, it’s time to reduce thwarting threats and risks. It’s better to be prepared when right solutions are easy to switch to. Get in touch, today!

Recognize Cyber Threats to Your Business

Data Breaches

It’s a threat that just releases unauthorized content to public domain. The entire process is called data breaches.

Data Destruction

As the name suggests itself, when your business comes in contact with this threat, you will experience data from your website or portal getting destructed.


Suppose – You are being tricked to get user name, password as well as credit/debit card information that are so sensitive? Well, this is the case that’s called phishing.


Consider malware as software that is more intended to damage and gain access to systems in an unlawful manner.


Unless you pay ransom, you won’t get access back to your data, or else it gets released in public domain. It’s the biggest threat!

Productivity loss
Productivity Loss

It’s a practice that perpetually harms business growth by any means. I.e. Losing Customers or their loyalty, and so on!

How Nivida Manages Cybersecurity

Professional System Installation
World’s best cyber security experts, making sure your systems, websites or portals get professional care and system installation.
24/7 Monitoring
We monitor everything strictly and make sure you are given the highest security and protection at every point in time.
Fast Response
We are prompt enough, meaning you experience the comfort and relaxation and never worry about fatal penetrations.
Automatic System Updates
It’s the real-gem. That’s how we can manage to avoid cyber-attacks, further protecting your systems and data to the fullest potential.
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