Web n Health

Executive Summary

Web N Health is backed up with a strong background in the healthcare industry and an ambition to build cutting-edge technology to help healthcare providers, physicians and medical institutions succeed in making healthcare better. The firm’s ability to plan, manage, organize, control and evaluate the delivery of the healthcare services makes them different and ahead from others in the industry.
Web n Health came to us with an out-of-date website with serious usability flaws and a lack of brand cohesiveness. They looked to our team of professionals to develop a plan that would raise the user experience while also aligning it with the brand's weight.

We had a lot to talk about because their former site had been cobbled together as they extended their business offerings and hadn't been constructed with scalability in mind. Their user group hierarchies, website roles, and the product access they need all had a lot of complexity built into them.
We started front-end programming using HTML5 and CSS3 after the design patterns were accepted. That was then merged with the Cake PHP-based bespoke backend admin interface. Due to Web n Health's complex business strategy and specific user requirements, we all determined that the optimal development method was to create a completely custom build using the Cake PHP framework.

We were ready to launch the site after all the parties were certain there were no bugs to be detected. This necessitated another database import to verify that all of the most recent user information was included. We successfully imported the database, passed the information through, and launched the site on the client's server.

Nivida helped Web n Health in scaling up its global presence by

Developing and Integrating Website

Web n Health