Executive Summary

Milkmor owned by Astha Dairy Farm offers doorstep delivery of fresh dairy products across the city of Ahmedabad. The freshness, quality and timeliness of their daily delivery service make them the best dairy product supplier in the state of Gujarat. Milkmor premium product range presently includes Milk, Ghee, Paneer, Shrikhand and Buttermilk. The motto of Milkmor is to deliver untouched milk within a few hours of its milking process to end users without any compromise on quality. They serve Pure A2 quality Cow milk.
We chose to create a Milkmor delivery app after a lot of thinking and obtaining comprehensive requirements. The most difficult aspect of designing this was keeping the user journey experience consistent and relevant to each user.

When a user placed an order or purchased a monthly membership, for example, one of the primary features of the app was the ability to add or delete items after the transaction was placed. Aside from the subscription's regular orders, if the user wants to order other things, they can simply add them to their wish list and pay for them.

Our team found it difficult to keep this flow simple as well as create the interface in a minimum and user-friendly manner so that users can rapidly obtain the correct information and take appropriate actions.
We decided to spend some time evaluating the partially constructed application and reviewing the code provided by our client at first. After that, our sales representative developed a proposal based on our client's business and requirements, offering key features and functionality to include in the app.

Our client was immediately prepared for the things we offered after examining our suggested features and functionality and asked us to move forward. For Milkmor Android app development, we assigned one Android developer with more than 3 years of experience in Android app development. Milkmor Android app was ready and also the client was happy and highly satisfied with our work

Nivida helped Milkmor in scaling up its global presence by

Developing and Integrating Website